Definition of senatorial in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of a senator.

    ‘a US senatorial candidate’
    ‘a man of senatorial rank’
    • ‘Disclosures of these senatorial hearings were made public in March 1933.’
    • ‘Early exit-polling data indicated that he was leading in the North Carolina senatorial race.’
    • ‘After two recounts, he was declared the senatorial winner over the Republican contestant.’
    • ‘The literary traditions of the senatorial aristocracy had also survived intact.’
    • ‘Voter turnout is strong for his senatorial campaign.’
    • ‘Agricola came of a senatorial family in southern Gaul.’
    • ‘He brought all of these qualities to that town meeting, an event that in many ways defined his senatorial career.’
    • ‘Representing his home state, he subsequently became a dominant figure in senatorial politics.’
    • ‘She apparently never talks about politics and has ruled out a senatorial bid, but friends say she is interested in the governorship.’
    • ‘His senatorial voting record and his record of writing legislation provides us with enough history for a factual and reasonable assessment.’