Definition of senator in English:



  • 1A member of a senate.

    as title ‘Senator Vandenburg’
    • ‘Both Democratic and Republican senators treated him with impatience bordering on contempt.’
    • ‘Elected a Communist senator, he was forced to flee Chile after the passage of a law that made the party illegal.’
    • ‘Kildare could have four senators as members of the new Upper House as the contest tension heightens.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister appoints the senators in the Upper Chamber, and the judges of the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘Both Republican and Democratic senators said they would raise the issue.’
    • ‘He made his horse a Roman senator, complete with golden stall and senatorial robes.’
    • ‘Privately, many senators and congressmen have a similar feeling.’
    • ‘If an absolute majority of members and senators of the joint sitting vote in favour of the deadlock bill, it would become law.’
    • ‘What is the perception there on Capitol Hill amongst the congressmen and the senators?’
    • ‘In contrast to that highly democratic method, senators were to be chosen by the legislature of each state.’
    • ‘By contrast, the legitimacy of Congressmen, senators, and the president lies solely in their election.’
    • ‘Labor, Green and Democrat senators moved a motion on October 16 supporting the strike.’
    • ‘What would you say if we told you we have a way to add as many as eight new Republican senators to Congress?’
    • ‘The president has reached out to over 80 United States senators in a bipartisan way.’
    • ‘Unlike state senators, House members are not required to make their receipts public.’
    • ‘It will apply to new members and senators voted in at the next election.’
    • ‘The new Republican senators represent a further shift to the right within the Republican delegation.’
    • ‘The class systems from highest to lowest were the senators, councilmen and their families.’
    • ‘She was first introduced as one of nine female Democrat senators.’
    • ‘Whether senators could withstand the political heat from such a stand is of course another matter.’
  • 2Scots Law
    A Lord of Session.

    • ‘He was an advocate, and became a Senator of the College of Justice and a Lord of Justiciary, taking the title of Lord Pitmeddon, in 1677.’
    • ‘After becoming a judge (Senator of the College of Justice and Lord of Session) in 1970, he succeeded Lord Clyde as Lord Justice General.’
    leader, elder, senior figure, patriarch, guiding light, official
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Middle English (denoting a member of the ancient Roman senate): from Old French senateur, from Latin senator (see senate).