Definition of semiquinone in English:



  • A compound derived from a quinone, in which one of the two oxygen atoms is ionized or bonded to a hydrogen atom.

    • ‘The simple solutions found here for individual S-states, semiquinone, and oxygen evolution provide a basis for quantitative description of the charge accumulation processes at the donor and acceptor sides of PSII.’
    • ‘The transfer of one electron from an electron donor to an excited state of hypericin generates its corresponding semiquinone radical anion.’
    • ‘Is it enough to measure binary oscillations of semiquinone to characterize damping of period four oscillations of oxygen evolution?’
    • ‘Decay of the semiquinone radical under argon occurs by second-order kinetics with a first half-life in the 0.1-2 ms range under our conditions.’
    • ‘Hypericin is a dianthraquinone that exhibits powerful phototoxicity through apoptotic and necrotic pathways and generates singlet oxygen, superoxide anion radicals and semiquinones.’