Definition of semiotician in English:


(also semeiotician)


  • See semiotics

    • ‘For the semioticians, there are layers of double meaning that can be read into the errors.’
    • ‘As musical semioticians would be first to point out, music is nothing if not a field rich in signifiers.’
    • ‘In a sense, we are border semioticians and vernacular linguists.’
    • ‘You can live in Scarsdale or in an ashram; you can be a court-of-appeals judge or a retro housewife, semiotician or banker, dermatologist or poet, lesbian or born-again, and you are still just one of us.’
    • ‘Even solipsists look both ways before crossing a street and postmodernists, I suspect, submit their appendicitis to a surgeon, not a semiotician.’