Definition of semiotically in English:


(also semeiotically)


  • See semiotics

    • ‘Clothing has always been politically significant, creating a visual representation of a person's relationship to the state, and Fashion has always semiotically challenged, reinforced, and/or reconfigured meanings of citizenship.’
    • ‘What is striking about David's interest in Fenelon and the episode he invented to convey the moral lessons of the story is the very flexible, open-ended way that his image unfolds semiotically.’
    • ‘The transcendental unity of the semiotically self-sufficient text and undifferentiated spectator dissolved into a complex series of critical and discursive relations.’
    • ‘Every vinyl or CD record is a semiotically complex textual unit.’
    • ‘Each is semiotically rich and clearly implicated in the paradigmatic modern ideal of making the world smaller through transportation and communication.’