Definition of seminarist in English:



  • See seminary

    • ‘While the ascetic regime of an Italian seminarist in the late nineteenth century was of course alien - and sometimes alienating - I was impressed by his devotion and sincerity.’
    • ‘He introduced a bill to reduce military service from five years to three but to close the loopholes by which seminarists, students, and the rich could obtain exemption.’
    • ‘In 1789 François became a seminarist, that is a student in an institution for training candidates for the priesthood.’
    • ‘But when he gets into the car, the seminarist, still firm in his beliefs, reminds Dabii of the Koran prohibitions, the injunction that man must not kill.’
    • ‘The decline in vocations, which began under Pius XII, has not been reversed and there is now one seminarist for every twelve priests.’