Definition of semifreddo in English:



  • A light semi-frozen Italian dessert.

    • ‘Semifreddo is the perfect Christmas pudding for children, they love it.’
    • ‘Four courses of food so invigorating and so gratifying, and yet you leave feeling lighter than your lime semifreddo.’
    • ‘There was a selection of cooling sorbets as well, and a Mama-size icy concoction of Chianti jelly, Prosecco sorbet, and lemon semifreddo, all stacked up in a frosty glass.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't semifreddo - aka cheat's ice cream - do the trick?’
    • ‘The strawberry-and-mascarpone frozen parfait provided a satiating end to the meal, a rare feat for a semifreddo.’
    • ‘One is a dessert called the passionatta, essentially a passion fruit semifreddo, shaped into a disk and sandwiched between hard white chocolate and a top layer of passion fruit gelee.’
    • ‘The first issue, featuring a scoop of vanilla semifreddo on the cover, was expected to sell around 20,000 copies in Australia.’
    • ‘It's embedded with berries and served with a wispy spoonful of semifreddo.’
    • ‘Not the fried chicken and waffles from Jones or the bittersweet chocolate semifreddo from Novelty?’
    • ‘I was supposed to make a parfait - the French word for perfect, it's sort of a semifreddo or an ice cream without all the stirring.’
    • ‘For dessert, they picked at little beignets spiked with amaretto (okay), wheels of vanilla-yogurt semifreddo (good), and honey-tinged mascarpone tarts capped with twirls of candied orange peel (very good).’
    • ‘None of the desserts produced such an extreme reaction - though the honey semifreddo was chalky, and the panna cotta was rock-hard and came with a weird assemblage of plums.’
    • ‘The lemon semifreddo is better than you think it's going to be.’
    • ‘Chocolate semifreddo reminded us of frozen frosting, and panna cotta garnished with fresh strawberries was rich and eggy.’
    • ‘After lunch, have a splendid ice-cream or semifreddo, made from the best dark chocolate.’
    • ‘A super pairing of pistachio and chocolate in a semifreddo.’
    • ‘Strawberry-rhubarb strudel and strawberry-pistachio semifreddo are way too ephemeral, hazelnut dome too pallid, the house fancy cake too fancy.’


Italian, from semi- semi- + freddo ‘cold’.