Definition of semicircular in English:



  • Forming or shaped like a semicircle.

    ‘a semicircular driveway’
    • ‘With the looping left-right into the semicircular end-turn coming up fast, go hard on the brakes, and turn in firmly before pushing up the power again to aim for the exit.’
    • ‘The city grew up around its Roman monuments, which include a semicircular theatre and a triumphal arch.’
    • ‘He opened his eyes to see a semicircular arc cut into the hillside.’
    • ‘Architecturally they incorporate the low roofs, polygonal towers and shallow, semicircular domes of the Byzantine mode.’
    • ‘We identified the exposed population on the map by drawing a semicircular arc from the incident site in the direction of the greatest density of smoke, which we established by chemical meteorological data.’
    • ‘They were strictly herbivorous and had wide semicircular, or rectangular cropping jaws packed with spoon-shaped teeth for taking big mouthfuls of fodder.’
    • ‘A small, semicircular tunnel with two entrances had been weathered out of the soft rock.’
    • ‘A large convex molding, semicircular in cross section, located at the base of a classical column.’
    • ‘The semicircular filled cakes are then deep fried.’
    • ‘Precolonial multiple dwelling homesteads, which still exist in rural areas, tended to group lineage clusters or extended families in a semicircular grouping of round or oval one-room dwellings.’
    • ‘Ten hours, two plane rides and one welcome drink passed before I found myself facing the turquoise waters off Berjaya Redang Beach Resort's semicircular beach within Teluk Dalam Bay.’
    • ‘Each of the openings has a substantially triangular shape, trapezoidal or semicircular shape.’
    • ‘Another building made out of white marble the church was in a semicircular shape, the flat front held up by a giant array of ornate pillars, and the entrance reached by a huge set of steps.’
    • ‘In the upper syncarpous part of the gynoecium the two bands of vascular bundles of the next higher bifurcation join to form a semicircular to almost circular complex of bundles.’
    • ‘He worked on architecture at Fontainebleau, and cast the large semicircular bronze relief of the languid Nymph of Fontainebleau, surrounded by beasts.’
    • ‘We slowed down outside a house with an American flag hanging from the eaves and a Jaguar and a Grand Cherokee in the semicircular driveway.’
    • ‘For many centuries women in Iran have done this by wearing the chador, a semicircular piece of dark cloth that is wrapped expertly around the body and head, and gathered at the chin.’
    • ‘This specimen looks a bit odd because it, like most specimens from the Wheeler Shale, is missing its ‘free cheeks’, semicircular portions of the head that broke away during molting.’
    • ‘The formerly semicircular forestage that connected the audience to the actors became a straight and narrow apron that divided the two groups.’
    • ‘An obvious example is the almost semicircular boundary between North America and West Africa along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the Azores and the Equator.’