Definition of semi-submersible in English:



  • Denoting an oil or gas drilling platform or barge with submerged hollow pontoons able to be flooded with water when the vessel is anchored on site in order to provide stability.

    ‘familiar four-legged semi-submersible rigs’
    • ‘The proposal to build big semi-submersible ships that would act as massive floating hatcheries and be used to restock the oceans with fish has been presented to the Spanish Government.’
    • ‘They are working on the first semi-submersible oil platform to be completely built in Brazil.’
    • ‘Our destination was a semi-submersible oil rig, by which I mean that most of it, two enormous hollow vessels, each the size of a warship, floated beneath the surface.’
    • ‘It had special communications and surveillance gear, however, as well as secret double doors in the stern that allowed a fast, semi-submersible boat to launch and recover.’
    • ‘The first is a custom-built Assembly and Command Ship, and the second is the Launch Platform, a semi-submersible vessel that is one of the world's largest oceangoing launch platforms.’


  • A semi-submersible oil rig.

    ‘support vessels would include a semi-submersible for drilling’
    • ‘You can also learn to drive a speedboat, peer below the waters in a semi-submersible, or you can rent a car - you really can't get lost, just follow the paved road that circles the island.’
    • ‘There is some medium-to-heavy engineering work being done by the firms who overhaul the semi-submersibles, but the rest is classic light industry.’
    • ‘To see the kelp forest and its many colorful fish, try the semi-submersible; it is just that - a submarine-shaped vessel whose immersed hull is lined with picture windows.’