Definition of semi-skimmed in English:



  • (of milk) having had some of the cream removed.

    • ‘It has less fat than semi-skimmed milk but tastes the same.’
    • ‘His porridge - made with medium oatmeal, not porridge oats - was cooked with half water, half semi-skimmed milk and a judicious dose of salt, his preference being sea-salt crystals.’
    • ‘Alternative healthy choices are water and semi-skimmed milk.’
    • ‘Progress for Scotland's health means five pieces of fresh fruit a day, semi-skimmed milk, less frying and taking the binge out of the nation's drink habit.’
    • ‘Cutting the fat off meat and eating lower-fat versions of dairy foods - semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt instead of cream, etc - can help to achieve this.’
    • ‘‘We use two-thirds water, one-third semi-skimmed milk and cook for 40 minutes on a slow heat,’ says Stone.’
    • ‘Men may be doing certain things, such as drinking semi-skimmed milk, and there is some indication that fruit consumption is increasing, but that is only a small part of their diet.’
    • ‘He may not have seen me watching him, but through some judicious neck-craning I watched the waiter prepare a truly disgusting brew that wasn't helped by the addition of semi-skimmed milk.’
    • ‘However, reflecting trends in Europe, sales of semi-skimmed milk boomed in Japan during the review period to represent 12 percent of sales by 1998.’
    • ‘Within a few minutes, a police car turned up with the officer and two pints of semi-skimmed milk.’
    • ‘As man and boy my breakfast has consisted of one Weetabix with a covering of Kellogg's Cornflakes with unrefined dark Cane sugar served in a hemispherical bowl with semi-skimmed milk and a heavy ‘Old English’ pattern spoon.’
    • ‘The FSA has advised consumers to drink semi-skimmed or skimmed milk.’
    • ‘Teagasc expertise was also used by PG Tips, a division of Unilever plc, to develop a unique process for the production of tea with semi-skimmed milk for the vending machine market.’
    • ‘You can now start to give your baby full-fat cows' milk as the main drink (not semi-skimmed or skimmed milk).’
    • ‘You get this pot of Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Flakes with a little matching pot of semi-skimmed milk, and this insane folded-up plastic spoon.’
    • ‘Choosing healthier options shouldn't be expensive or hard to find - with breads, fruit and semi-skimmed milk all counting as good snack choices.’
    • ‘I bought a pint of semi-skimmed milk in the canteen this lunchtime.’
    • ‘It comes in two main varieties; a whole-milk semi-soft cheese, and a cheese for grating which is made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.’
    • ‘I favour brown bread over white, and semi-skimmed milk over full fat.’
    • ‘Children under five are able to receive whole or semi-skimmed milk free of charge each day under the Nursery Milk Scheme provided they attend approved day care facilities.’