Definition of semi-fluid in English:



  • Having a thick consistency between solid and liquid.

    ‘the Earth's semi-fluid lower mantle’
    • ‘All hollowpoint bullets depend on a fluid or semi-fluid medium to enter the hollowpoint cavity and push out on the walls to start expansion.’
    • ‘Organisms living in that environment would, of necessity, be specifically adapted to coping with a very soft, semi-fluid bottom.’
    • ‘Art hung on the walls, actual semi-fluid pigment manually applied to a canvas substrate.’


  • A semi-fluid substance.

    • ‘Soils, be they active or buried, represent dynamic, extremely viscous fluids or semi-fluids.’
    • ‘At one point, he must have weighed close to two hundred pounds - eyes milky semi-fluid, coat a mess of folds and fatty tumors.’
    • ‘All fluids, semifluids, creams and powders must be dispensed correctly with a disinfected spatula.’
    mash, mush, purée, cream, pressé, pap, slop, paste, slush, mulch, swill, slurry, semi-liquid, mess
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