Definition of semi-elliptical in English:



  • Having the shape of half of an ellipse bisected by one of its diameters, especially the major axis.

    • ‘Convex anterior border is transversely semi-elliptical in outline, with length equal to nearly 30 percent of width along border furrow.’
    • ‘Suspension is by rigid-axle bogie on longitudinal semi-elliptical leaf springs.’
    • ‘Though rectangular in form, an Ionic colonnade (rather than Corinthian, as in Washington) that contained a gallery for spectators threw the northern end of the room into a semi-elliptical figure.’
    • ‘Sections of the flattened wire show a continuous rather than an angular transition from the flats into semi-elliptical edges practically without any stress concentrations.’
    • ‘The reading room and its semi-elliptical extension are clad in monochromely pale Spanish stone counterpoised to the Portland stone of the Classical facades, in which patching is deliberately clearly visible.’