Definition of semi-derelict in English:



  • In a partially derelict state.

    ‘a semi-derelict farmhouse’
    • ‘The job of turning these hitherto semi-derelict cottages into a desirable home has been partially accomplished - the owners bought the cottages four years ago and have been working on them ever since.’
    • ‘An application has been made to develop the Ice House, which is currently in a semi-derelict protected structure, into an up-market hotel and spa.’
    • ‘It was felt the warehouse's position alongside the town's main supermarket would not only mean the rescue of a semi-derelict listed building, but also bring health services in the town up to the necessary standards.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago I was staying in a semi-derelict chateau in France, where only 20 out of 197 rooms are lived in.’
    • ‘They collected 160 bags from the bypass and from a semi-derelict area west of the Market Place and also gathered another 20 bags from Boroughbridge Road and another 15 from paths on Gallows Hill.’