Definition of semi-autonomous in English:



  • 1(of a country, state, or community) having a degree of, but not complete, self-government.

    ‘one of Spain's 17 semi-autonomous regions’
    • ‘If you get to Nukus in the semi-autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan, you will almost certainly be the only person you know who has.’
    • ‘And much of the time local rulers were more or less free from the rule of kings: they were semi-autonomous but they were not fully independent either.’
    • ‘On March 31 he declared that the semi-autonomous republic would hold a referendum to ‘help determine who the population of Adjaria actually supported.’’
    • ‘Traditionally the East Timorese have lived in small villages with semi-autonomous local governments, and Gusmao and Ramos Horta are keen to enable this de-centralised social and political structure to persist.’
    • ‘Following rejection by all parties the agreement was adapted in 2003, proposing that Western Sahara become a semi-autonomous region of Morocco for a period of five years - to be followed by a referendum.’
    • ‘Ethiopia is also intervening in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in the north of Somalia.’
    • ‘This region, which incorporated the boundaries of the later independent republic, was a semi-autonomous constituent republic within the Yugoslav federation.’
    • ‘The Government said that it will legislate to keep the parties in the room, and then chuck another $1 million at the Department of Labour, and set up a semi-autonomous, not totally autonomous, unit.’
    • ‘More immediately it may sound alarm bells in the semi-autonomous region of Ajaria.’
    • ‘Before partition the state of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed semi-autonomous status under British rule.’
    • ‘The semi-autonomous state of Sikkim was absorbed into India through political pressure but without bloodshed.’
    • ‘The operation stirred up sharp opposition in these semi-autonomous areas, which traditionally have been out-of-bounds to the Pakistani security forces.’
    • ‘If the constitution is accepted it will divide the country into semi-autonomous regions, each dominated by different religious and ethnic groups.’
    • ‘Each religious community was semi-autonomous and guided by a bishop and by preachers and deacons who were not specially schooled.’
    • ‘The federation which at one point acted as a semi-autonomous government organisation is famously fond of using its power and influence in the law courts.’
    • ‘The Adzhariya region has a semi-autonomous status and rarely yields to decisions taken by the government in Tiflis, Georgia's capital.’
    • ‘Mustang, a small feudal principality whose kings trace their lineage back to the fifteenth century, lies within the boundaries of Nepal which treats it as a semi-autonomous dependency.’
    • ‘The shift towards more autonomous or semi-autonomous agencies, or to forms of self-regulation, represents a move away from the inherited heavy state version of government towards a kind of partnership model.’
    • ‘As polities, colleges and universities bear more than a passing resemblance to federations of small, semi-autonomous republics - in this case the departments that make up their main subdivisions.’
    • ‘They had sufficient space to erect semi-autonomous communities, which practiced a version of Christianity that addressed their particular needs as slaves and fostered aspirations for freedom.’
    1. 1.1 Acting independently to some degree.
      ‘semi-autonomous working groups’
      • ‘This is eerily akin to the deus-ex climaxes to movies like Independence Day, in which a semi-autonomous, broad-reaching hunk of malware is tricked into self-destructing.’
      • ‘Three years ago, the municipality and the hospital entered into an agreement that opened the home to semi-autonomous elders and provided 24-hour care.’
      • ‘Well, by all but the leading lady naturally, as her semi-autonomous corpse is lead around from scene to scene by poor Timothy, mustering as much dignity as he can manage.’
    2. 1.2 Denoting or peformed by a device that is capable to some extent of operating without human control.
      ‘a lot of the preliminary work was done by semi-autonomous robots’