Definition of semi-autobiographical in English:



  • (of a written work) dealing partly with the writer's own life but also containing fictional elements.

    • ‘Princesa is based on the book of the same name, a semi-autobiographical story, co-written by the real Fernanda.’
    • ‘This lapse into classic Bollywood cliché is one of many in Marjara's semi-autobiographical film Desperately Seeking Helen.’
    • ‘Philip Ridley's script, which might possibly be at least semi-autobiographical, ensures great pacing with secrets gradually revealed throughout.’
    • ‘People assume that the novel is semi-autobiographical.’
    • ‘The semi-autobiographical "Florida" tells of two girls cheerfully heading down to the Sunshine State, only to become faces in the crowd.’
    • ‘Richard E Grant's directorial debut is a semi-autobiographical account of his formative years in 1960s Swaziland.’
    • ‘At the same time, the pacing is less frenzied, the attitude toward the semi-autobiographical protagonist free of narcissism.’
    • ‘There is a risk that modern audiences could miss the point of Noel Coward's semi-autobiographical play Present Laughter.’
    • ‘It's based on Henry Handel Richardson's semi-autobiographical novel.’
    • ‘Glen or Glenda is a semi-autobiographical tale about Glen's major life crisis.’
    • ‘A more personal take on the costs of displacement appears in British artist Isaac Julien's semi-autobiographical film Paradise Omeros.’
    • ‘In 1986 Pryor himself directed and starred in the semi-autobiographical tale, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling.’
    • ‘Your story is told in Marcel Proust's semi-autobiographical novel "In Search of Lost Time."’
    • ‘Broadcaster and author Melvyn Bragg will begin writing the third instalment of his semi-autobiographical series about a young boy growing up in post-war Britain.’
    • ‘The Italian writer Primo Levi's semi-autobiographical book The Periodic Table comprises only twenty-one elemental chapter names.’
    • ‘The Brisbane intellectual property lawyer whipped out a guitar and sang her way through her session, a reading from her semi-autobiographical novel.’
    • ‘He began writing and directing for television with the semi-autobiographical My Brother's Keeper and won numerous awards in his field.’
    • ‘Africa also formed the backdrop to her semi-autobiographical Children of Violence series of five books spanning 1952 to 1969.’
    • ‘Miss Drabble, 69, made the comments in her latest semi-autobiographical book The Pattern In The Carpet which is published next month.’
    • ‘It would seem that Grisham has been aching to write a semi-autobiographical account of his childhood.’