Definition of semasiological in English:



  • See semasiology

    • ‘The notion of action signs in semasiological theory, for example, presupposes a view of human beings as meaning-making agents.’
    • ‘However, semasiological theory denies that the ‘real’ explanation of human behavior and its significance is to be found in, for example, genes, the adrenal system, or the brain.’
    • ‘More specifically, I proceed from the perspective of semasiological theory, which accepts biology as a necessary ground for human agency but not as a deterministic mechanism that can account for human social behavior.’
    • ‘In spite of the above critical remarks, I do not wish to deny the value of both the onomasiological and the semasiological approaches in semantic studies.’
    • ‘Williams provided exactly this understanding in her semasiological concept of the ‘action sign’.’