Definition of semanticist in English:



  • See semantics

    • ‘Because we, what with our anal-retentive, horn-rimmed parsing of phrases and slicing of sentences, are really semanticists when it boils down to it.’
    • ‘A few years ago, I asked Dave if he'd ever noticed that semanticists tend to wear leather - pants, vests and even hats as well as the more conventional coats and jackets.’
    • ‘For example, I recall once rambling on for a bit about semanticians, until a friend gently inquired whether I might be talking about semanticists.’
    • ‘The goal of articulating a logical framework tailored to a representational system that is motivated by systematic evidence about meanings in natural languages is not acknowledged by all linguistic semanticists.’
    • ‘I suppose that lawyers and semanticists learn how to come to clear conclusions about these things - I'm glad I'm just a simple phonetician.’