Definition of sella in English:


(also sella turcica)


  • A depression in the sphenoid bone, containing the pituitary gland.

    • ‘The basisphenoid bears a deep, central depression at this point called the sella turcica or pituitary fossa.’
    • ‘Behind the dorsum sellae is a shallow depression, the clivus, which slopes obliquely backward, and is continuous with the groove on the basioccipital (basilar portion of the occipital bone).’
    • ‘This gland, also termed the hypophysis cerebri, lies in a bony cavity, the sella turcica, so called because it was thought to resemble a Turkish saddle.’
    • ‘The posterior clinoids and the floor of the sella were eroded, and the suprasellar portion had a rim of calcification.’
    • ‘The superior part of the dorsum sellae may be a separate bone or it may be joined to the petrous portion of the temporal bone.’


Late 17th century: from Latin, ‘saddle’, (in full) ‘Turkish saddle’.