Definition of sell someone a dummy in English:

sell someone a dummy


  • (chiefly in rugby and soccer) deceive an opponent by feigning a pass or kick.

    • ‘Al Shahrani is sold a dummy by Harte and the Irishman gets kicked on the ankle for his troubles.’
    • ‘The next thing he knew, Brazil's second goofy forward had dashed off, sold Ashley Cole a dummy, slipped a pass to Rivaldo that cut out both Rio and Sol, and helped put his team on top.’
    • ‘And that precious save was rewarded when Paul Reid sold Camara a dummy, raced into the box and cut the ball back into the six-yard box for Hammond to gleefully hammer the ball into the top corner.’
    • ‘The Wallabies duly manufactured another excellent try when Larkham's cut-out pass found Roff, who sold Cohen a dummy and sent Rathbone in for his second.’
    • ‘The stand-off sold Keith Watters a dummy and ghosted over.’
    • ‘Captain Nick Ventress sold a perfect dummy to his opposite fly-half and created enough room to slip through under the posts for York's try before converting with a nonchalant drop kick.’
    • ‘Fans cheer and laugh as a skilled midfielder sells a dummy to a bewildered defender.’
    • ‘He jigged enough to sell David Heaney a dummy, and from 20 yards out, drove the ball into the top corner of the net.’
    • ‘He feints to shoot in the box and sells the entire Ukraine the dummy.’
    • ‘What they should be doing is showing someone passing the ball for a try or selling a dummy.’