Definition of sell like hot cakes in English:

sell like hot cakes


  • Be sold quickly and in large quantities.

    ‘T-shirts and posters are selling like hot cakes’
    • ‘‘Pastries made here are sold like hot cakes,’ says Vasanthi Mahadevan, vocational therapist at the centre.’
    • ‘The first one sold like hot cakes - apparently our crime novels do well over there.’
    • ‘And they sold like hot cakes, what with the students buying as many as 1600 sarees and 1005 towels in the last 20 days.’
    • ‘I'm told that tickets for the annual dinner dance are selling like hot cakes.’
    • ‘We just copy an old and wonderful Armoire-style cupboard I once had over and over again and it sells like hot cakes.’
    • ‘The new book of poetry has being getting some rave reviews over the weekend and has been selling like hot cakes in the local shops while the local post office is being kept busy despatching copies to exiles of the area in distant lands.’
    • ‘The book sold like hot cakes, making one thing clear: lots of people like reading about privacy.’
    • ‘The lottery has now reached €4500 and although tickets sold like hot cakes at the weekend, there was no jackpot winner.’
    • ‘As a business centre, cotton, cloth and rice sold like hot cakes.’
    • ‘His first book in Tamil on kidney function brought out by the same publishers sold like hot cakes and a second edition of the book was also released at the function along with the book on diabetes.’
    • ‘But when people found out the words on the otherwise ordinary fans had been written by Wang, they all sold like hot cakes and at high prices.’
    • ‘The result was the reclining deer, with a brown, spotted body, and complete with antlers, which he makes in different sizes and is presently selling like hot cakes at fairs and exhibitions.’
    • ‘Tiny flats, some as small as 18 square metres, are selling like hot cakes to Beijing's young urban professionals and are the talk of its youth-oriented media.’
    • ‘Although it sold like hot cakes, the car itself wasn't the greatest thing to ever turn a wheel.’
    • ‘Fresh rice and urad batter is available everywhere and it sells like hot cakes.’
    • ‘The seasonal delicacies always sold like hot cakes.’
    • ‘All these titles of Dr. Kalam, both the originals and the translations in Malayalam, are selling like hot cakes, according to the organisers of the fair.’
    • ‘The book, sold like hot cakes as it could quench the thirst of many people in their own language.’
    • ‘When customers come to the site, they will raise the price, explaining that their property sells like hot cakes.’
    • ‘‘Last year, my collection appeared to disappear in a few days because they sold like hot cakes,’ he recalls proudly.’
    • ‘The book sold like hot cakes and has been re-released for his visit to the upcoming Writers Festival.’
    • ‘On the streets, a sludgy black liquid sells like hot cakes.’
    • ‘The French carbonated water is being sold like hot cakes here.’