Definition of sell (or sell off) the family jewels in English:

sell (or sell off) the family jewels


  • Part with or sell valuable or precious resources for the sake of immediate profit or advantage.

    ‘Rangers have been systematically selling off the family jewels’
    • ‘I am able to pay for this private treatment without having to sell the family jewels.’
    • ‘I was pleasantly surprised that the government is not selling the family jewels.’
    • ‘This has been regarded by many as a selling of the family jewels for a quick gain by the council.’
    • ‘It is widely known that he was most unhappy about selling the country's family jewels.’
    • ‘Another idea was that, to help get out of debt, we sell off the family jewels: in effect, we look at asset sales.’
    • ‘There are accusations of selling off the family jewels to pay for extravagant building projects.’
    • ‘Sometimes the rich clubs get richer, but the not-quite-so-rich sell off most of the family jewels to remain solvent.’
    • ‘Governments have to sell off the family jewels to pay for infrastructure.’