Definition of selkie in English:


(also selky, silkie)


  • A mythical creature that resembles a seal in the water but assumes human form on land.

    • ‘Long, long ago the people in Shetland and Orkney called them the seal people, the selkies, and even now, in this year of our Lady one thousand and ten, you still sometimes heard the ancient name.’
    • ‘This luscious, magical Irish drama about a young girl who sees the selkies - half-seal, half-human creatures - and believes they saved her baby brother, who was lost at sea, is both delightful and dramatic.’
    • ‘The travellers conjured up a world of fairies, selkies and giants to give their kids a bit of moral guidance, not to mention a little fun.’
    • ‘The ‘people of the sea’ are not just the selkies, but also the tellers of the tales, the human beings who peopled the sea with myth and meaning.’
    • ‘A young girl sent to live on the windswept Irish coastline becomes besotted with the legend of the selkies - half human/half seal creatures.’


From selch, variant of seal, + -ie.