Definition of self-sterile in English:



  • Incapable of self-fertilization.

    • ‘Lower seed numbers in outcrossed fruits of self-fertile versus self-sterile plants probably reflect inbreeding depression due to mating of related individuals.’
    • ‘By contrast, mutant hermaphrodites are self-sterile when unmated due to a failure in spermatid activation.’
    • ‘Many plants, apparently physically equipped for self-fertilization, were completely self-sterile.’
    • ‘Second, there are no known cases in which all individuals of a population are self-sterile due to inbreeding depression, although complete self-sterility has been found in individual plants.’
    • ‘Outcrossed fruits from self-fertile plants contained significantly fewer seeds than did outcrossed fruits from self-sterile plants, but overall fitnesses of self-fertile and self-sterile plants were essentially equal.’