Definition of self-standing in English:



  • Existing without outside assistance or dependence on others.

    ‘self-standing, separately financed Crime Units’
    ‘a self-standing research project’
    • ‘Given the culture of the College and the student body, it's perhaps surprising that we have never offered a formal, self-standing program in environmental science or environmental studies.’
    • ‘Now, every business school includes ethics and social responsibility in its curriculum, either as self-standing courses or woven into other coursework.’
    • ‘The Web is by its nature hyperlinked, not self-standing.’
    • ‘The Master of Arts (MA) degree in the department is a self-standing degree, but may also serve as preparation for the research degrees of MPhil and PhD.’
    • ‘I am not clear as to the target of the article: is it an outline for priests to draw on for sermons or a self-standing exposition of the Church's teaching for lay people to read?’
    • ‘The first was designed as a self-standing piece, and can be played separately, but they are intended to be played one after the other.’
    • ‘The University offers language classes in French, German or Spanish for all students, and these can be taken as a self-standing programme of study.’
    • ‘Each novel is self-standing, although they also raise larger questions which are never answered.’
    • ‘He died in 1215, without having enjoyed any discernible success in establishing a self-standing Zen institution.’
    • ‘He imitated Homer not only in metre but also in features of style: the use of identifying epithets and stylized repetition, for instance, and the positioning of powerful, self-standing, similes at key points in the narrative.’
    self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-reliant, able to stand on one's own two feet
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