Definition of self-sow in English:



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  • (of a plant) propagate itself by seed.

    ‘annuals that self-sow are welcome’
    • ‘Many mixes contain common annual flowers, such as bachelor's buttons and cosmos because they are likely to self-sow.’
    • ‘Its small white flowers, about 1/2 to 3/4 inches across, are veined with deep violet blue and self-sow profusely.’
    • ‘In the rock garden, where the soil is not disturbed by digging, they self-sow prolifically and each spring there are many baby plants.’
    • ‘True to their name, these demure little blue flowers refuse to be forgotten, persisting for years as they self-sow.’
    • ‘When choosing grasses for beds and borders, keep in mind their relative tendencies to creep or self-sow.’
    • ‘Allowing many of her annuals from the previous season to self-sow wherever they wish is one trick she uses.’
    • ‘Cherry tomatoes are incredibly useful plants to have in the garden, and invariably they self-sow after the first season, so you've got an almost year-round supply of sweet, juicy little fruits.’
    • ‘Coneflower self-sows readily but not aggressively.’
    • ‘Rocket left to go to seed will self-sow so prolifically all over the garden that only once in your life do you have to fork out for a packet.’
    • ‘In cold climates, you can succession-plant through the early spring and summer, and it will often self-sow.’
    • ‘She allows many of her favorite herbs to self-sow so they come back year after year.’
    • ‘Plants left standing through winter may self-sow, resulting in seedlings for new plantings or to give away.’
    • ‘Plants are also left to self-sow around the garden quite freely.’
    • ‘The taller types tend to self-sow more readily than the dwarf types, and as with most plants, hybrids may not produce seedlings true to the parent types.’
    reproduce, multiply, proliferate, breed, procreate, increase, spawn
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