Definition of self-similarity in English:



  • See self-similar

    • ‘For example, a number of musicians have played with the fractal notion of self-similarity, in which each smaller piece of a structure is a miniature version of the larger structure.’
    • ‘The results are visually more subtle than the instantly identifiable, artificial patterns generated using exact self-similarity, where the patterns repeat exactly at different magnifications.’
    • ‘Nature builds its fractals using statistical self-similarity: the patterns observed at different magnifications, although not identical, are described by the same statistics.’
    • ‘The principle of self-similarity that underlies fractal geometry, crucial to the scientific understanding of nature, is reflected in much two-dimensional South African art, including beadwork and mural arts among the Basotho.’
    • ‘However, stems tapering according to stress self-similarity had the larger factors of safety near their base compared to those tapering according to geometric or elastic self-similarity.’