Definition of self-select in English:



  • 1with object Choose for oneself.

    ‘participants were asked to self-select their titles, which were divided into executive and non-executive’
    • ‘Compose course descriptions as benefit statements, allowing learners to accurately self-select courses.’
    • ‘On joint returns, each spouse must have a self-selected PIN.’
    • ‘A main goal of our work was to study social learning and development in a group setting that provided the animals opportunities to self-select information to be learned.’
    • ‘These may be self-selected roles or ones that are thrust upon us by outside relationships or circumstances.’
    • ‘Depending on the dynamics of the class, the teacher has either assigned partners or let the students self-select.’
    • ‘The money is being put into the internet where consumers effectively self-select their adverts because adverts are placed so they can find them.’
  • 2no object Determine one's own status with regard to membership in a group.

    ‘the crowd self-selects because this isn't a club for the passing trade’
    • ‘This might not matter if high-risk couples self-select to attend relationship education.’
    • ‘Patients who are educated about risk factors for skin cancer are more likely to self-select for clinical screening and to bring malignant lesions to the attention of a health care provider.’
    • ‘After a few years of seeing high barriers to entry, many students come to their university and self-select into other, less competitive majors.’
    • ‘Maybe group members self-selected into these different groups because they differed initially in some important way.’
    • ‘It's imperative for a good experiment that people not be allowed to self-select here.’
    • ‘On the other hand, evidence has also been advanced that those most in need of such interventions self-select to take part and that the intervention may work best for those at highest risk.’
    • ‘From the various ways that we self-select without adequately examining our assumptions, I think we do the profession a great disservice.’
    • ‘The job self-selects for sociopaths who like the idea that day-in, day-out, they can take out their aggression on anyone who isn't wearing a uniform or a badge.’
    • ‘The authors argue that the South is disproportionately conservative, and as a result, conservatives might self-select for southern schools.’
    • ‘My own view is that the enhanced ability to self-select into news audiences facilitates the democratic process by empowering individuals.’
    • ‘It is important to recognize that those who self-select to participate may be more capable of succeeding or may identify more easily with the scope of this program.’
    • ‘Further examination, however, revealed that the class was composed of mature, intelligent students who had self-selected into a rigorous course in international agricultural trade and the global economy.’


  • Allowing users to select.

    ‘the chain decided to move condoms from the pharmacy counter to self-select stands’
    • ‘Presented either in a self-select list or a slide show style presentation, each CD shown has a list of its enclosed contents while selected moments play on the soundtrack.’
    • ‘When it comes to investing on the stock market, you can buy shares directly, through a self-select ISA via a stock broker or financial adviser.’
    • ‘However, he will probably go to the other extreme and opt for a self-select Isa.’
    • ‘Using a self-select ISA you can put the cash in and delay choosing which shares or unit trusts to buy until you are more confident.’
    • ‘If you want to put them in an ISA, you may have to get a self-select ISA separately.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I couldn't use the lump of money in my self-select ISA to buy these shares.’