Definition of self-rating in English:



mass noun
  • Evaluation of one's own character, feelings, or behaviour, used as a tool in psychology to quantify people's perception of themselves or assess mental health risks.

    with modifier ‘women and men had similar scores in sex role self-rating’
    as modifier ‘self-rating questionnaires’
    count noun ‘the self-ratings of the patients’
    • ‘For self-perceived scholastic competence, however, students' self-ratings declined over the course of high school.’
    • ‘Following a predefined schedule, the participants were given an acoustic signal and asked for a verbal report of their momentary subjective experiences and ratings of the reported experiences on several ordinal self-rating scales.’
    • ‘The efficacy results were based on questionnaires, self-rating scales, and nighttime motor activity.’
    • ‘These have ranged from formalised expert observation (by trained driving instructors or traffic safety officers) to self-rating scales and activity inventories completed by drivers.’
    • ‘This self-rating was supported when students were tested on specific questions about proper graphing techniques.’
    • ‘He has also made a major methodological contribution to the study of culture by highlighting methodological pitfalls in comparing self-ratings across cultures and proposing ways in which to avoid those pitfalls.’
    • ‘Notably, the fact that self-ratings as well as friend-ratings were provided by the same pool of participants resulted in interdependent data.’
    • ‘The participants and 96 control subjects completed the SCOFF questionnaire, the eating disorder inventory and the BITE self-rating scale for bulimia.’
    • ‘We used test results and self-ratings to evaluate which measures would best identify the dominant language.’
    • ‘Block 3 consisted of these same scores from the fathers' self-ratings.’
    • ‘Global self-rating anxiety scales are sensitive, and brief scales are considered adequate.’
    • ‘However, there were no statistically significant differences between primary and revision ACL reconstructions with regard to this overall self-rating.’
    • ‘Most experts insist that daily self-ratings by the patient for two or more menstrual cycles must be completed before a PMDD diagnosis can be confirmed.’
    • ‘They were also asked to provide a self-rating of their health on a 7-point scale reproduced from Laird and Chamberlain.’
    • ‘This suggests that adolescents with low GPA and high self-ratings of popularity and depression were more likely to smoke cigarettes.’
    • ‘To minimize the biasing effect of self-rating on mate score, self scores were assessed at the end of the questionnaire, after the assessments of hypothetical mates.’
    • ‘A six-item observer and self-rating neuropathy scale was used to assess treatment at 2 weeks.’
    • ‘This 65-item self-rating adjective checklist was designed to measure negative mood states like anxiety and depression.’
    • ‘Mothers assigned self-ratings of 3.0 or higher on 36 of 60 items.’
    • ‘Licensed, bilingual speech-language pathologists or educational specialists administered the AQT naming tests, WLD word association test, and self-rating questionnaires individually.’