Definition of self-propelling in English:



  • See self-propelled

    • ‘They believe that winning and losing ‘streaks’ are actual and self-propelling, and they believe in gambling systems.’
    • ‘No matter what our differences were in the real world, we still managed to create our own peaceable kingdom, a self-propelling yin to each other's yang.’
    • ‘Conservation of mass is trivially satisfied for a self-propelling fish since the water entering the forward control surfaces must equal that leaving at the other side.’
    • ‘Constructed in the early 1960s for the U.S. Navy, Alvin is a three-person, self-propelling capsule-like submarine nearly eight meters long.’
    • ‘Work by these artists, in this view, connects back to a premodern world where the image had not yet been fed into the self-propelling, dialectical machinery of aestheticism, critique, and more aestheticism.’