Definition of self-portraiture in English:



  • See self-portrait

    • ‘Especially in light of art history's growing dread of anachronism, a subject like Renaissance self-portraiture inevitably seems trickier and more difficult than ever.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting examples occurs in her chapter on Andrea Mantegna, an artist much given to self-portraiture and with a reputation for irony and wit.’
    • ‘It is no wonder then that portraiture and self-portraiture have long been favourite genres for both artists and audiences alike.’
    • ‘They construct poetics that ‘dissolve’ the authorial self, deliberately subverting the conventional genres of autobiography, self-portraiture and lyric confession.’
    • ‘They also show her affinity to artists like Beckmann and Rembrandt, for whom self-portraiture (in prints as well as other mediums) provided a rich vein of material and a vehicle for formal invention.’