Definition of self-parodying in English:



  • Appearing to parody one's usual behaviour or speech, especially inadvertently.

    ‘pathetic, self-parodying former beauty queens propped up by surgery and cosmetics’
    • ‘It's sad to see a once-proud political party turn itself into a self-parodying, humorless whiner.’
    • ‘It also suggests that the piece is intended principally as a self-parodying comment on celebrity, and if so then it succeeds.’
    • ‘Sometimes the response to the book has had a vaguely comic or self-parodying quality.’
    • ‘It would also be a somewhat laboured extension of a self-parodying comic persona of which I am becoming increasingly weary.’
    • ‘AOL itself acknowledges the onslaught in a current, self-parodying ad.’
    • ‘The reaction to this extreme seriousness of purpose is often expressed in ironic, humorous, and self-parodying works.’
    • ‘From time to time, one reads articles that are almost self-parodying, about the anguish parents feel when picking schools for their children.’