Definition of self-mortification in English:



mass noun
  • The subjugation of appetites or desires by self-denial or self-discipline as an aspect of religious devotion.

    ‘voluntary self-mortification such as fasting’
    • ‘In India, spiritual enlightenment has long been sought through physical deprivation and self-mortification.’
    • ‘The Buddhist idea of transcendent wisdom, of the ‘middle way’ between self-indulgence and self-mortification, of selflessness as the foundation of compassion and ethical activity, was thrilling, he says.’
    • ‘Acts of self-mortification such as the world-famous flagellations (self-beatings) and crucifixions are practiced by a minority of Filipinos.’
    • ‘Another discipline, however, might lead to its achievement, and there was such a discipline at hand: the method of self-mortification and extreme asceticism which we know best through Jainism.’
    • ‘In India, the recollection of previous lives is a common feature in the histories of the saints and heroes of a sacred tradition, and it is considered a result of a pious life of self-mortification.’
    • ‘A popular misconception about it was that its real purpose was to annihilate the desires of the flesh altogether and provide an opportunity for self-mortification in the last degree.’
    • ‘Jack has given up drinking with teeth-gritting determination and channels the subsequent pain and rage into righteous self-mortification.’
    • ‘My posts here about Alec have become popular among many of you regular readers because they generally describe the latest self-mortification, idiocy or utter weirdness that this man has managed to involve himself in.’
    • ‘In part, it is related to self-mortification, which has a long history in religion.’
    • ‘In the second instance, foot-binding was an act of self-mortification.’
    • ‘At first he studied under teachers who prescribed rigorous fasting and self-mortification.’
    • ‘It became clear to him that this form of self-mortification was not producing results either, so he abandoned it.’
    austerity, self-denial, abstinence, abstemiousness, non-indulgence, self-discipline, frugality, simplicity, rigour, strictness, severity
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