Definition of self-mockery in English:



  • See self-mocking

    • ‘Each day of our trip (with a hint of self-mockery, to his credit) he would test-run another item, be it a slick neoprene jacket or a water-dispensing backpack.’
    • ‘With it no longer sounding fierce, hungry, and forbidding, the motto is made to sound casual and almost playful, with a hint of self-mockery.’
    • ‘It was not grand-standing, nor was it self-mockery.’
    • ‘Since he's almost invariably in considerably worse physical condition than the person who did the original trip, there's a large element of self-mockery which works quite well.’
    • ‘He will also punctually attend early morning classes where they teach self-mockery, and throughout the day, he will try to implement the techniques he has learned.’