Definition of self-locking in English:



  • Locking itself shut or in a fixed position.

    ‘self-locking screws’
    • ‘That means you'll want self-locking gates on your fence, as well as alarms on back door sliders, and even the pool's surface.’
    • ‘There is a viscous coupling in the front axle, a self-locking differential in the rear and the whole thing alters torque seamlessly from front to rear as required.’
    • ‘A heavy-duty, self-locking brass hook replaces the present open-ended hook that secures the top pivot point of the scabbard.’
    • ‘As for locking caribiners, you have a choice of self-locking or screw-lock.’
    • ‘All skins, but not products, must have a self-locking, tamper-resistant tag attached.’
    • ‘Although I have tried the various designs of self-locking floats on the market I have not found one that I am happy with, but such a system would be an ideal alternative method.’
    • ‘Keep your cameras packed in self-locking plastic bags that contain a large supply of desiccant (silica gel packets are available at most camera shops).’
    • ‘Other safety features include self-locking stabilizers and captive latches on the tower support.’
    • ‘Doors that open directly into a dwelling unit must have a self-closer and latch but no self-locking hardware.’
    • ‘They're not only self-locking but also re-usable during service without damage to the nut or stud.’
    • ‘Choose a gate with a self-locking catch and check that it will fit your stairway.’
    • ‘Cows were maintained in open dry-lot pens with self-locking head stanchions along a flat concrete feed line.’
    • ‘So far we have managed to hold things more or less together, with the promise of our own proprietary self-locking tie and application tool, available later this year.’
    • ‘The seating section can be rolled underneath the backrest and between the armrests, while the sofa's feet have a self-locking, sliding mechanism that allows the depth of the seating to be varied according to individual preference.’