Definition of self-loathing in English:



mass noun
  • Hatred of oneself.

    • ‘How could they be repentant when self-loathing and self-disgust was needed?’
    • ‘I really do not care which word you use - the context will tell me whether you are suffering from nausea or self-loathing.’
    • ‘An amateur psychologist might study the litany of denial, and diagnose self-loathing in the need to dispute so much of her own biography.’
    • ‘Is there anyone better than Morrissey at portraying conflicted self-loathing?’
    • ‘Indeed, our whole diet culture is ultimately all about fear, and self-loathing, and endless dissatisfaction.’
    • ‘Debilitating self-loathing has been an all-too-prevalent facet of Scottish life and culture.’
    • ‘His characters are prone to self-loathing and suicidal feelings.’
    • ‘The British like to engage in self-loathing, and nowhere more than in matters of urban regeneration and general transport.’
    • ‘Everything I say I regret, and for days afterwards I'm filled with even more than my usual amount of self-loathing.’
    • ‘Full of self-loathing, she became self-destructive and promiscuous.’
    • ‘I've been too busy wallowing in a combination of self-loathing, self-pity and feeling sick.’
    • ‘Presumably, until then, he had eschewed all human contact and was racked with self-loathing.’
    • ‘However, his anger at others is simply a diversion from self-loathing.’
    • ‘My longing for something I apparently can't have is draining me and sending me into spirals of self-loathing.’
    • ‘Always threatening to topple her over is self-loathing.’
    • ‘Apart from its simplicity, this view is dangerous because it is both delusional and imbued with self-loathing.’
    • ‘None of my addictions were out of self-loathing - they're just there, just the genetic draw.’
    • ‘Being an immigrant himself, perhaps there's a bit of self-loathing going on.’
    • ‘When I came home from Wales I was struck by horrible feelings of doom, depression, general low spirits and a sense of self-loathing.’
    • ‘If there's anything more off-putting than the British elite's squabbling, it's its self-loathing.’