Definition of self-incompatible in English:



  • (of a plant or species) unable to be fertilized by its own pollen.

    • ‘In particular, seed and fruit production of self-incompatible species rely on flowering times of compatible genotypes overlapping, with important economic consequences for agriculture.’
    • ‘However, there are a significant number of exceptions to the UI ‘rule’ that pistils of self-incompatible taxa inhibit pollen from self-compatible taxa.’
    • ‘Clusters of genetically identical plants, for example, limit the number of mates available to self-incompatible species with limited pollen dispersal.’
    • ‘Many plant species are capable of self-fertilization and even highly self-incompatible species may show varying levels of self-fertility.’
    • ‘Ideally seed orchards should contain only self-incompatible trees to eliminate production of selfed seed.’