Definition of self-important in English:



  • Having an exaggerated sense of one's own value or importance.

    ‘a self-important bureaucrat’
    • ‘His sense of humour, always in evidence, made it impossible for him to seem pompous or self-important, and he never attempted to disguise his own fallibility as a human being.’
    • ‘He's only 15, but thinks like his dad, a pompous self-important academic.’
    • ‘The sobriety of the streets is relieved by bridges with self-important towers or slightly pompous lions and griffins with gilded wings.’
    • ‘It was funny that two former fashion victims now find their former world overbearing and self-important.’
    • ‘As if concerned that his rants may appear too smug or self-important, he tempers them with spoonfuls of self-loathing.’
    conceited, arrogant, bumptious, self-assertive, full of oneself, puffed up, swollen-headed, pompous, overbearing, opinionated, self-opinionated, cocky, swaggering, strutting, presumptuous, forward, imperious, domineering, magisterial, pontifical, sententious, grandiose, vain, haughty, overweening, proud, egotistic, egotistical
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