Definition of self-glorification in English:



mass noun
  • Exaltation of oneself and one's abilities.

    ‘they fought not merely for self-glorification but for the common good’
    • ‘Remember, we live in an age of advertisements and self-glorification.’
    • ‘War as myth begins with blind patriotism, which is always thinly veiled self-glorification.’
    • ‘This may read like self-glorification but I write what I feel.’
    • ‘If the site becomes more about self-glorification or filled with lies, you can take the opportunity to rebut the lies when they write articles.’
    • ‘There was no nonsense in that briefing, no self-glorification - just an appreciation of what American soldiers can achieve and a determination to do everything possible to help them.’
    • ‘A host of pamphleteers, mainly based outside France, did their utmost to counter his self-glorification.’
    • ‘All of this U.S. history was really self-glorification.’
    • ‘I have also been a councillor, school governor and a member of various committees, all things I was asked to do rather than seeking influence over other people's lives for some kind of self-glorification.’
    • ‘Some writers are like that - they would do anything for self-glorification.’
    • ‘He realises that self-denial can all too easily become self-glorification, but he is oddly blind to the hedonistic streak in epistemological narratives of extinguishing the self for the sake of fact.’
    • ‘If we are to have awards this should be in recognition of effort, work and achievement particularly in relation to the benefit of everyone, not self-glorification.’
    • ‘They show the essential pattern of self-glorification as self-aggrandizement that most interests the author.’
    • ‘In the paternalistic protector role, there is an exaggeration of one's power to the level of omnipotence, self-glorification, self-presumption and self-entitlement.’
    arrogance, vanity, self-importance, hubris, self-conceit, conceit, conceitedness, self-love, self-adulation, self-admiration, narcissism, egotism, presumption, superciliousness, haughtiness, snobbery, snobbishness
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