Definition of self-generating in English:



  • Generated by itself, rather than by some external force.

    ‘the strident activity of the industrial scene seems to be self-generating’
    • ‘The issue is whether the exfoliation of a purist, impersonal, self-generating world of forms overtakes the prevailing tone of hypersensitive loathing.’
    • ‘In fact, when the soil is limey or neutral, the plants will seed around to become a well-established, self-generating population.’
    • ‘Not only is it self-generating and self-regulating, it issues forth challenges that will be responded to and that will cause it to change.’
    • ‘In general the training of therapists and the self-generating academic culture prevents many professionals and policy makers from believing scientific inquiry is possible.’
    • ‘Secondly, it showed him that even under conditions as miserable and deprived as he was in he could work at a level of brilliance which was self-generating.’
    • ‘I have to admit it was fun, a sort of self-generating therapy.’
    • ‘The awful and disgusting thing about war is that violence is self-generating.’
    • ‘Countries need basic self-generating economic enterprises more than external relief.’
    • ‘The best of these shows avoid the self-generating certainties of polemic and try instead to capture something more fleeting, the feel of a nation in danger of losing its self-confidence.’
    • ‘I don't think running a self-generating venture like a local market should be beyond any sound town council.’
    • ‘‘The site has a self-generating momentum,’ Stuart reflects.’
    • ‘To the first-time listener, the symphonic poem probably appears more unified because thematic ideas evolve and transform within a structure that appears to be self-generating.’
    • ‘We recognize that our students and alumni must become self-generating innovators.’
    • ‘According to the Secretary, the focus has now shifted from social empowerment to money for self-generating schemes.’
    • ‘What was once self-generating is now self-consuming.’
    • ‘Investment in infrastructure is intended also to have a self-generating effect as it works its way through the economy.’
    • ‘With language came concepts, ideas, and that curious self-generating entity known as the meme.’
    • ‘Such pictures or series are called self-replicating or self-generating.’
    • ‘It is because the natural way is, in fact, so self-generating that we recommend it to one another in the first place.’
    • ‘The line included a treadmill upright bike, recumbent bike and a self-generating elliptical machine.’