Definition of self-directing in English:



  • Acting freely and independently.

    ‘encouraging students to be self-directing’
    • ‘The school relies heavily on interview to choose girls who will thrive in the busy, self-directing atmosphere and be suited to boarding.’
    • ‘The fragile Enlightenment ideal of personal autonomy is that a person should be a conscious, free, self-directing individual.’
    • ‘Overall, the book can serve as a self-directing guide for both high-school students and teachers seeking to reorient themselves to the challenge of engaging in artistic activity.’
    • ‘The process of expansion was organic and self-directing.’
    • ‘The National Curriculum has to be taught in a certain way, with pupils being self-directing and working in groups.’
    • ‘Kant, as we noticed earlier on, had stressed the freedom and independence of the moral consciousness, the individual being subject to requirements that derived from his nature as an autonomous, self-directing being.’
    • ‘Glick and Levy contrasted these working-class viewers to the upper middle class who were more active and self-directing.’
    independent, self-governing, self-governed, self-ruling, self-legislating, self-determining, non-aligned, sovereign, autonomous, autarkic, democratic, emancipated, enfranchised
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