Definition of self-diffusion in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • The migration of constituent atoms or molecules within the bulk of a substance, especially in a crystalline solid.

    • ‘Changes in membrane electrostatics, lateral heterogeneities, and binding of solutes influence the lipid self-diffusion.’
    • ‘Supported lipid monolayers were analyzed in terms of the lateral self-diffusion of lipid molecules as a function of relative humidity.’
    • ‘In particular, and contrary to the common assumption that monovalent ions do not or only slightly affect lipid dynamic behavior, the lateral lipid self-diffusion decreases significantly with increasing ion concentration.’
    • ‘Also, they introduced an effective diffusion coefficient to describe self-diffusion for long-range migration between pores.’
    • ‘We present a method to study water-swollen biological porous structures using NMR to determine the amount and self-diffusion of water within the porous objects.’