Definition of self-created in English:



  • Created by oneself or itself.

    ‘his self-created role as the bad boy of the music scene’
    • ‘We were discussing the difficulties involved, many of them self-created, in getting non-Hollywood, arthouse pictures seen in this country.’
    • ‘The second important reason is that our mind has the tendency to lose itself in a self-created and egocentric mental world that prevents us from seeing phenomena as they actually are.’
    • ‘Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his self-created guitar festival focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on the blues.’
    • ‘When Pablo showed me a series of notebooks full of English vocabulary lists and self-created grammar drills, I had to agree.’
    • ‘They are self-created, not served up on a plate.’
    • ‘We exist in this self-created vacuum with this project, and try to deliberately remain outside of everything, so we can create something that is different.’
    • ‘What could inspire one to dedicate their time and energy, risking it all on a new, self-created work?’
    • ‘Do you think this self-created environment is essential to comfortable and confident creation?’
    • ‘Do not blame others for problems that are largely self-created or seek solutions over here when your answers are mostly at home.’
    • ‘This doesn't exist on its own but is only a side effect of hate for their self-created enemies.’
    • ‘Most of us like to live in a self-created world, far away from the truth.’
    • ‘Communes, cults and self-created cultures are often perceived by the larger culture around them as crazy and even dangerous.’
    • ‘Other reviewers can divulge all the plot developments and twists for you but let it suffice to say that the brothers are tossed mercilessly from this self-created frying pan into one scary fire after another.’
    • ‘It is not a comfortable combination, and it could well get worse if the weather compounds man's self-created problems.’
    • ‘It is so much of an effort most times and the last thing I want is more self-created and unwanted complications that serve no end at all.’
    • ‘However, his gung-ho image is only skin-deep and self-created.’
    • ‘These scenes also show how sheltered they are from experiencing the world outside their plush self-created one, as the threats are mostly isolated safely in dreams.’
    • ‘Now he enjoys working within the confines of his self-created boxes.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the alterations in essence expose the instability of the narrator's self-created literary paradise, and thus illuminate even the original.’
    • ‘Once, in a self-created emergency, he cast himself as a sultan in an Oriental drama.’