Definition of self-containment in English:



  • See self-contained

    self-contained (sense 2)
    • ‘The theme of self-reliance didn't have any greater political meaning for me as a kid than simply to resonate with my emotional self-containment in the face of familial upheaval.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most striking aspect of his personality was his air of quiet self-containment.’
    • ‘She commended the pupils on their self-containment and singing talent and instrument playing.’
    • ‘For many people and for a long time, a white cross on a red background - the Swiss national flag - represented security, neutrality, wealth and a peculiar attitude of smug self-containment reserved for a small nation.’
    • ‘Small, dark and wiry, with piercing blue eyes, Max, arguably Britain's greatest living composer, is his usual contradictory mix of calm self-containment and sharp, simmering energy.’