Definition of self-consistency in English:



  • See self-consistent

    • ‘In most cases what is understood as ‘fact’ by scientists has withstood the tests of self-consistency, replicability and peer-review, which are key to the validation of scientific knowledge.’
    • ‘By uniquely defining the universe of genes to be analyzed, this definition provides self-consistency and makes the definition of distances independent of any genes to be discovered in the future.’
    • ‘Its practitioners are in fact inclined to be rather disdainful of any such systemising or self-consistency seeking enterprise.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the resubstitution test is absolutely necessary because it reflects the self-consistency of an identification method, especially for its algorithm part.’
    • ‘Its self-consistency, direct measurements of predicted plate motions, earthquake focal mechanisms, and distribution of earthquakes have all played their part in confirming the theory.’