Definition of self-closing in English:



  • (especially of a door or valve) closing automatically.

    • ‘Now, self-closing hardware is available that works like a storm door, with a pneumatic device.’
    • ‘Cautious parents could question the wisdom of placing small children in proximity to large, self-closing panels of metal.’
    • ‘This could be a small closet-sized space, with a fire-rated, self-closing door on the garage side, for firewall compliance.’
    • ‘Install self-closing gates and keep them locked.’
    • ‘If instead of self-closing hinges you have old-fashioned magnet or spring catches on cabinet doors and they do not work, adjust them.’
    • ‘Swimming pool fencing codes require all gates to be self-closing and self-latching to protect small children’
    • ‘Cabinets with older hinges can often be repaired by replacing the hinges with newer, self-closing ones - the force of the self-closer spring will usually hold the door tight against the cabinet.’
    • ‘Thanks to fire regulations, disguising new self-closing ones to look old was hideously expensive.’
    • ‘Doors in this wall should be fire-rated and self-closing.’
    • ‘The drawers we make have self-closing slides of the same origin.’
    • ‘The pressure and friction caused by forcing the curved pins into the straight hinges will resist the self-closing tendency of the door.’
    • ‘The houses also must be equipped with self-closing doors or flaps.’
    • ‘Fire doors are of no value unless they are properly maintained and self-closing or are able to automatically close at the time of fire.’
    • ‘Signs should have been put up asking that the gate be shut and the gate fitted with a self-closing mechanism.’