Definition of self-checkout in English:



  • mass noun, usually as modifier A system whereby customers can scan goods themselves and pay without a cashier in a supermarket or other shop.

    ‘self-checkout machines’
    ‘self-checkout requires each item to be individually scanned’
    • ‘Self checkout was the norm for Joan.’
    • ‘We added self-checkout to 800 stores, even though the naysayers said it wouldn't work.’
    • ‘He complains about stores and shops that make customers do tasks, like self-checkout and applying condiments.’
    • ‘Other features include an expanded beer and wine section, a larger greeting card section and nine checkout lanes, three of them self-checkout.’
    • ‘I suggested a boycott of self-checkout lanes.’
    • ‘The Library continues to promote self-help services, such as self checkout and online responses to frequently asked questions.’
    • ‘Showing customers how easy self-checkout can be is a good investment.’
    • ‘We're investing in more self-checkout registers.’
    • ‘Nearly a quarter of all supermarket chains offer self-checkout.’
    • ‘Self-checkout terminals are increasingly employed by retailers - particularly grocers.’