Definition of self-assembly in English:



mass noun
  • 1British The construction of an object, especially a piece of furniture, from materials sold in kit form.

    ‘you can buy it as a flat-pack for self-assembly’
    as modifier ‘self-assembly furniture’
    • ‘A DIY chain store today moved to ease safety fears over self-assembly fireplaces being sold at its stores.’
    • ‘The main advantage of Microsoft products is that, like IKEA self-assembly furniture, they are character-building.’
    • ‘When it comes to piecing together a performance, they can, at their worst, resemble a befuddled man confronted by self-assembly furniture.’
    • ‘The bad news is that these stands are self-assembly with several hundred tiny screws and washers.’
    • ‘The self-assembly furniture retailer said it was unable to deliver orders on time due to supply chain problems.’
    • ‘We measure up for laminate flooring and self-assembly bookcases.’
    • ‘The substitution of tryptophan residues, therefore, does not affect actin self-assembly into filaments.’
    • ‘I was on the verge of buying some nice shelves, but when I saw that they were self-assembly, I got a disturbing flashback to my months in flat-pack hell.’
    • ‘To the relief of many, the flatpack self-assembly aesthetic will be replaced by high margin, ready-assembled furniture.’
    • ‘The self-assembly chairs, tables and sofas fit together without screws or glue.’
    • ‘They are ghastly chrome and stripped pine affairs with all the atmosphere of a self-assembly wardrobe.’
    • ‘The weekend was a positive blur of flat-pack furniture purchasing, followed by hours of puzzling self-assembly at home, concluding with the dilemma about what to do with all that cardboard packaging.’
    • ‘With portable flat-pack, self-assembly furniture and increase in built-in storage space, the wheel has almost turned full circle.’
    • ‘Knowing my luck, it will probably be self-assembly when DIY is the very thing one is trying to avoid.’
    • ‘This might persuade my husband and daughters to use the rack - that, incidentally, I made with my own fair hands (the first self-assembly kit I've mastered).’
    do-it-yourself, diy, self-build
    flat-pack, in kit form, kit, do-it-yourself, diy, self-build
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  • 2Biology
    The spontaneous formation of a ribosome, virus, or other body in a medium containing the appropriate components.

    • ‘Its eight cysteine residues form four disulfide bridges that prevent spontaneous self-assembly in solution and thus account for the controlled assembly at hydrophilic-hydrophobic interfaces.’
    • ‘As has been commented on earlier, self-assembly of the cyclic peptides into a synthetic channel proceeds through the formation of eight intersubunit backbone-backbone hydrogen bonds.’
    • ‘Our results demonstrate that the mechanisms of spore coat self-assembly are similar to those described for inorganic and macromolecular crystallization.’
    • ‘We have also demonstrated a new application of these tethered membrane nanotubules, namely as biosensors to probe the real time dynamics of DNA self-assembly.’
    • ‘They also provide an opportunity to study self-assembly of transmembrane helix bundles, a process believed to be important in the folding of membrane proteins.’