Definition of self-appointed in English:



  • Having assumed a position or role without the endorsement of others.

    ‘self-appointed experts’
    • ‘The film is dubbed a ‘social satire’ on America's self-appointed role as the world's police force.’
    • ‘Their self-appointed role in life seems to be to treat their spouses as though they were small, mildly irritating but endearing children.’
    • ‘Now the self-appointed leader of the group is trying to hustle up a mere $5.’
    • ‘Real blogging is telling it how you see it and not conforming to what either the media or the self-appointed leaders of the blogs tell you is acceptable.’
    • ‘There was a time when self-appointed wise men predicted the outcome of events, for good or ill, based on the position of the stars in the night sky.’
    • ‘Charles's self-appointed role on these occasions was to look for any guardsman who swayed in the heat and then report them to their officers.’
    • ‘Don't these peasants realise that their self-appointed moral arbiters have already decided what they should think?’
    • ‘The problem is that self-appointed statesmen cannot create a nation.’
    • ‘There have always been self-appointed experts on the subject, of course.’
    • ‘While the groups are forming, some students take charge as self-appointed leaders.’
    • ‘What gives these self-appointed activists the right to try to shut down the meetings of democratically elected leaders?’
    • ‘The last thing on anyone's mind should be having to deal with a mindless, self-appointed, unaccountable mob holding the country to ransom.’
    • ‘The fashion-challenged among us will be relieved to hear that even the self-appointed commissars of style haven't got a clue.’
    • ‘The committee met in an unofficial capacity eight years ago as self-appointed community leaders.’
    • ‘The representatives of the relatives or patients appear to be largely self-appointed and it is unclear how accurately they reflect the views of others.’
    • ‘I feel pity for a people who let some self-appointed cult leaders do their thinking for them.’
    • ‘I dealt with a lot of self-appointed experts on a range of subjects.’
    • ‘The western leaders confidently pose as self-appointed custodians of democracy, an expedient ploy to win over public opinion.’
    • ‘We found that the self-appointed experts were often wrong about why people watch reality TV.’
    • ‘It would be good to know if this is how he came across during his famous attempts to moderate American behaviour, in his self-appointed role as your best foreign friend.’
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