Definition of self-annihilation in English:



mass noun
  • The annihilation or obliteration of self, especially as a process of mystical contemplation.

    • ‘Hatred appears both as aggression towards others and as a striving for self-annihilation.’
    • ‘It is almost as if our continent has been condemned to a permanent state of self-annihilation.’
    • ‘There is now a real movement in our society to pull our youngsters back from the edge of the precipice of self-annihilation and redirect our children toward a wholesome lifestyle which will allow them a chance to fulfill their potential.’
    • ‘Humanity is on the brink of self-annihilation and self-destruction.’
    • ‘This act of attempted self-annihilation, hinged on something as random as a tossed coin, kicks off a course of events that will bring together lives and families that would otherwise never have met.’
    • ‘The author suggests that in a fruitful search for truth we must experience a self-forgetfulness that is not self-annihilation, but a form of pleasure.’
    • ‘To say no, for me, meant an attempt at self-annihilation.’
    • ‘She feels immeasurably lost, a feeling which compels her to think of self-annihilation.’
    • ‘In an increasing state of desperation, they find themselves driven to the edge of breakdown, violence, psychosis and self-annihilation.’
    • ‘Individuality is lost in the reunion with God, but without the total self-annihilation of Buddhism.’
    • ‘Neglected to an extreme, he is in an emotional state of perpetual and chronic traumatic stress - a state of alienation and self-annihilation.’
    • ‘Given its many attempts at self-annihilation in the last century through its home-grown ideologies of fascism and communism, European guilt has a point.’