Definition of self-aggrandizing in English:



  • See self-aggrandizement

    • ‘The law is what a handful of self-aggrandizing old men and women think it should be, without regard to text and without meaningful deference to the democratic processes.’
    • ‘He always ducks the obvious, loud, self-aggrandizing statement in favor of the quiet, inquisitive, other-focused, elusively self-concealing statement.’
    • ‘I would love to meet the self-aggrandizing, pompous, and omniscient souls who prostitute their talent designing the heartbreakingly ugly strip malls, supermarkets, and drugstores that have taken over every city I visit.’
    • ‘The historical voice of judicial authority is privileged, while opposition to the Court's self-aggrandizing tendencies is ignored, muted, or discredited.’
    • ‘When dealing with masters of spin, hypocrites, manipulators, power brokers and self-aggrandizing media moguls I have a little difficulty concentrating on their speeches while blissfully ignoring their motivations.’